So, you've got to move quickly you're going to be doing a couple unloads and reloads on this with the higher arm. [CDATA[//> Flush and extended chokes C, IC, M, IM and F. Coach Guns Single and Double Trigger Shotguns, Freedom Series Extended Magazine Shotguns, Available in 12-gauge, 20-gauge, or .410 bore, Blue, matte nickel, or polished nickel-plated finishes, Traditional double triggers or fast-shooting single-trigger models. The Coach Gun Supreme makes a distinctive statement for cowboy action shooters, plus it works hard as a field gun. The Coach Gun is a side-by-side shotgun. But I don't know of anybody that makes a coach gun in stainless itself. jQuery('.mousetrap').remove(); Don't ever pull your triggers when you've got the barrel off in stock for this price. These are what sets your trigger they're reset your hammers I guess I should say. The barrel length of this shotgun in stock is one more peculiarity of the Stoeger gun item for this price. Specifications are subject to change without notice. And those are some of my favorites item in stock for this price. 12-Gauge, 20-Gauge, .410-Gauge A double trigger of the coach gun supreme, it's got a 2 trigger. The best price for stoeger coach gun supreme for sale online. guns! //click event for swatches on model page Today we're taking a look at the Stoeger coach gun for sale. Save big on a new stoeger coach gun supreme. var swatchTitle = jQuery.trim(jQuery(this).parent().find('.swatch-title').html()); Quick view Compare Add to Cart. jQuery(this).parent().parent().find('.small-swatch-title').html(swatchTitle); Stoeger Industries, established in 1924, is a member of the Benelli USA family of companies, located in Accokeek, Maryland. Cimarron Firearms. The Stoeger M3500 is a semi-automatic, inertia-action shotgun produced in Turkey. Buy Stoeger Industries Stocks online now at the official Stoeger Industries Online Store. One of the things you'll notice about a shotgun is the amount of damage it does. } 12 or 20 gauge; 3 finish options: blued, stainless, or nickel It's going to open a little bit harder because that spring tension is what's cocking the Hammers in there, but there are two internal hammers inside here. Today we're taking a look at the Stoeger coach gun for sale.This is a nickel-plated walnut stock double-barrel side-by-side 12 gauge. This side-by-side shotgun is built with an A-grade gloss walnut stock and polished nickel metal surfaces for improved durability and a sleek look. The Stoeger Coach Gun is a lot of fun in a lightweight, easy-to-handle package. $438.79. The Coach Shotgun is a historic model that many people love. From shop WayneLeatherUSA. This item has been disabled so once you pull it back it will stay back regardless of cocking it or not. There's a little lever right underneath here, just take your finger put it in there pull your fork stock off go ahead and open it for the gun item. "Jim" Farmer says: August 7, 2018 at 11:45 . return false; The shotgun is then broken open to reload. But putting it back together you just hook it right back in that pin there. Our price: $549.00. //init cloudzoom on updated image Stoeger Coach Gun Deluxe .410 Bore 3" 20" Barrel Side by Side Shotgun. $438.79. 5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 reviews $ 39.99. I own several of them. Out of Stock. While suitable for bird hunting, clay target shooting, or home defense, it is primarily designed for cowboy action shooting. Alright, cleaning and caring for the Coach gun is pretty easy. It’s great for backyard clay shooting, and plenty of Cowboy Action shooters have picked one up to use in their game. That being said, I did find one product which gives Stoeger a run for their money: Mossberg’s Maverick HS12 Thunder Ranch Over/Under shotgun. Here is a Stoeger Coach Gun which is a side by side 12 gauge shotgun. Our price: $449.00. Stoeger M3500 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun with Realtree Max-5 Camo Finish Stoeger Coach Guns double trigger shotguns are based … Hand rubbing color,all leather stitched Leather Gun Buttstock, Adjustable Ammo Shell Holder for Rifles 30-06, 308, 45-70.50. jQuery(this).addClass('active'); Gun Review: Stoeger P3000 Pump-action Shotgun The Stoeger P3000 Pump-action Shotgun. Stoeger shotguns are widely known for the affordability and value and available in a variety of models. Stoeger coach gun for sale. Get great deals on shotguns at DICK'S Sporting Goods today. jQuery('#swatch-group').on('click', function() { 18’’ 6.85 lbs. Now, this gun doesn't have ejectors to spit the shells out of there, but it's got extractors that pull them out a little bit. Stoeger offers a complete lineup of shotguns and gauges. jQuery('#silo-holder img.silo').attr('src', jQuery(this).attr('rel')); OUT OF STOCK (7) CIA SG2028N .410 COACH W/HAMMERS WOOD. Now the Wells Fargo doesn't transport payroll by horse and buggy anymore out of the Old West. The Old West's gun of choice, the Stoeger Coach Supreme SXS 12 Gauge Shotgun features a durable hardwood design for improved performance. Or if you've got to slicked up a little bit you can just take it and they'll come flying right out. The handsome and affordable single- and double-trigger scatterguns pack a potent punch. if (jQuery('#silo-holder a').CloudZoom) { Stoeger Shotguns. Since Stoeger’s collection of Coach Guns features such high quality shotguns for affordable prices, it’s no easy task to compete with them. This 12 gauge and gauge 20 side shotgun have all rights reserved, is available for a reasonable price for the recoil pad. This is a nickel-plated walnut stock double-barrel side-by-side 12 gauge. It's a pretty good-looking gun item, it is polished nickel, I'm not a big fan of 2-3 4 nickel, I would rather have stainless. This is just a pumpkin there's a kind of hollow in there so there's not much of a hydraulic shock that hits it or anything. The barrel length if the Stoeger coach gun supreme is perfect to be used for home defense. So that you can grab ahold of them. It has two 20" barrels. Here is the Stoeger Double Barrel Coach Gun in 12GA with 3" chambers and two triggers!We added this to our collection to prepare for Cowboy Action Shooting. So that when you go to open it up, it's it opens a little easier because in Cowboy Shooting time is your enemy in this. Item numbers 31400, 31405, 31410, 31415 and 31420 have double trigger. You also will find that'll take a cylinder hone and ream that out a little bit of polish it up some, so that shells slide out a lot easier. jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, {"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"grayloon_foundation","theme_token":"n8fs8h8158t7LkIclnQGqlQ1BMgpcM-P2IgZkZCstNc","js":{"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/jquery_update\/replace\/jquery\/1.8\/jquery.min.js":1,"misc\/jquery-extend-3.4.0.js":1,"misc\/jquery-html-prefilter-3.5.0-backport.js":1,"misc\/jquery.once.js":1,"misc\/drupal.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/visualization\/js\/visualization.js":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/google_analytics\/googleanalytics.js":1,"0":1,"1":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/vendor\/custom.modernizr.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/foundation\/foundation.min.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/jquery.flexslider.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/ddaccordion.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/hoverIntent.js":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/javascripts\/gl\/grayloon.js":1},"css":{"modules\/system\/system.base.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_api\/date.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/date\/date_popup\/themes\/datepicker.1.7.css":1,"modules\/search\/search.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/views\/css\/views.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/ctools\/css\/ctools.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/contrib\/cloud_zoom\/css\/cloud_zoom.css":1,"sites\/all\/themes\/grayloon_foundation\/stylesheets\/app.css":1}},"googleanalytics":{"trackOutbound":1,"trackMailto":1,"trackDownload":1,"trackDownloadExtensions":"7z|aac|arc|arj|asf|asx|avi|bin|csv|doc(x|m)?|dot(x|m)?|exe|flv|gif|gz|gzip|hqx|jar|jpe?g|js|mp(2|3|4|e?g)|mov(ie)?|msi|msp|pdf|phps|png|ppt(x|m)?|pot(x|m)?|pps(x|m)?|ppam|sld(x|m)?|thmx|qtm?|ra(m|r)?|sea|sit|tar|tgz|torrent|txt|wav|wma|wmv|wpd|xls(x|m|b)?|xlt(x|m)|xlam|xml|z|zip","trackDomainMode":"1"},"urlIsAjaxTrusted":{"\/coach-guns-single-and-double-trigger-shotguns":true}}); The coach gun had to find a new home and it's found the item in Cowboy Action Shooting. Cimarron’s 1883 is one … Out of Stock, Taking Backorders. Stoeger Coach Gun 12 Ga Shotgun 20" Barrels. The difference lies in the average weight – the 12-gauge Stoeger Coach Supreme is approximately 6.5 lbs while the 20-gauge weighs around 6.4 lbs. ]]>, Gauges: The checkering goes down on the fore-end of this gun and the barrel length of Stoeger coach gun for sale. It's nice checkering on the side, it's not like a hand checkering, it's kind of cheaper checkering but it's not bad.