Find answers now! He is also the first pontiff to celebrate Mass in the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam Is the pope a virgin? Whether he is or isn't is beside the point. Still have questions? They can't even answer basic questions like how they know the Bible is true without circular references, ? The last such occasion was in the year 1950 with the definition of the dogma of the Assumption of Mary. He must only take a vow of celibacy, which means no sex after the vow. Finally, if the pope said no... then he is a virgin. In the 8th century, however, Pope Stephen II was forced to appeal to the Franks for help, beginning a period of close interaction with the rulers of the West. best. How do you think about the answers? Not necessarily, he was a regular man before taking his vowels, so he could have been with a woman in his life. The Holy Pope in turn highlighted the link between co-redemption and universal mediation. I don't know. Even the medieval pope whose father had been a pope before him. I would think since Pope Francis became a priest at a very young age and was never married he probably is a virgin, but it's not really anyone's business but him and his confessor. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and head of state of Vatican City. So rather than intrust to almighty God the sovereign king of the world and universe he intrust the Catholic church to the guidance and protection of Mother Mary. Any sins that he may have committed in his life are between him and God, just like any of YOUR sins should remain between you and God. Just like you are the only one who has the answers of your virginity. It’s not a requirement, nor does it even come up. Vatican City, Dec 12, 2020 / 05:00 am ().-The Virgin Mary teaches us about God’s gift, abundance, and blessing, Pope Francis said Saturday on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In medieval times, popes played powerful roles in Western Europe, often struggling with monarchs for power over wide-ranging affairs of church and state, crowning emperors (Charlemagne was the first emperor crowned by a pope) and regulating disputes among secular rulers. No because we had gay sex together in 1942, You would need to ask him. Gradually forced to give up secular power, popes have come to focus again almost exclusively on spiritual matters. You just need to be a virgin while you are the Pope. The rite of consecration of virgins for women living in the world was reintroduced in 1970, under Pope Paul VI, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. How do I stop being a slave to my father's religion? On Tuesday, the pope said that it is not dogma that clergyman must be celibate. - Rick. Pope Benedict did not issue a Marian encyclical but addressed the issue of Co-Redemptrix in his Apostolic Letter, Inter Soldalica, issued March 22, 1918. Is it stupid to believe what the Bible says? Still have questions? It is based on the template of the practice of the velatio virginum going back to the Apostolic era, especially the early virgin martyrs. Unanswered. On the day, which marks the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the pope usually makes a pilgrimage to a statue of the Virgin Mary near the Spanish steps. Why are theists quick to pull up the 'I am a persecuted victim' card to defend their religious lunacy/crutch? Priests are celibate, which is not necessarily the same thing as being a virgin. Second, you would have to ask the pope (and assume he is not lying) if he had oral sex with little alter boys, or touched little alter boys, or had little alter boys touch him etc... assuming these things are defined as having sex (see part one above). The Nazis had a strong, and complete genetics program, where they mated their "perfecte white men" with "perfect white women" to produce a master race. 100% Upvoted. At first, the pope's secular ally was the Roman Emperor. Or is it stupid NOT to believe what the Bible says? Dear brothers and sisters, On our course of catechesis on prayer, today we meet the Virgin Mary as the prayerful woman.The Madonna prayed.When the world still knew nothing of her, when she was a simple girl engaged to a man of the house of David, Mary prayed.We can imagine the young girl of Nazareth wrapped in silence, in … During the pontificacy of this glorious pope, a decree from the Holy Office on June 26, 1913 praised “the custom of adding after the name of Jesus that of His Mother, our Co-Redemptrix, the Blessed Virgin Mary.” is the late actor Bruce Lee in heaven or hell? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Francis spoke about priests abstaining from sex and said, "It is a rule of life that I appreciate very much, and I think it is a gift for the church. My care co said I have some kind of post trauma, but not PTSD.So what?Is it part of borderline personality disorder having trauma flashbacks? This can be said of more than few 80 year old men. senior correspondent; Pope Francis prays beneath the statue of the Virgin Mary on the occasion of Immaculate Conception day, at the Spanish Steps, in Rome, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020. Do atheists rush in where Christians fear to tread? Ummm. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. 1 Questions & Answers Place. For each, she has her own meaning and a way of worship. I say this for a couple of reasons. Does anyone else kind of feel like Joe Biden may be the antichrist? Now if he committed some crime in the process then we would have the right to know about it but to the best of my knowledge no such accusations have even been made toward the Pope. Pope Francis on Saturday invited Christians to thank and praise God for the good that He has done in our life just as the Virgin did in the Magnificat, which became the source of her joy. THE POPE could resign in 2020, in what would be the final piece of a 900-year-old prophecy marking the end of the world, according to a source close to the Vatican leader. Be the first to share what you think! No. He's still a Pope whether he is or not because virginity is not required, only celibacy. Why are theists quick to pull up the 'I am a persecuted victim' card to defend their religious lunacy/crutch? This can be more difficult than you think. ROME (AP) — Pope Francis is giving his blessing to a new Vatican think tank that is seeking to prevent the Mafia and organized crime groups from exploiting the image of the Virgin Mary for their own illicit ends. Has the Pope ever masturbated? Speaking from a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square Dec. 20, the pope encouraged people to imitate the Virgin Mary’s “yes” to God at the Annunciation. The statue of the Virgin at the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is dark-skinned, physically imposing and has Mexican features. Pope Francis General Audience 18 November 2020. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the NoStupidQuestions community. (though many do go on "romps" the months leading up to their vows). The only person who could answer that is the pope. no comments yet. Many people think the answer is no. Why isn't suicide an appropriate punishment in response to being told 'Don't' without the person saying 'please' when I violated boundaries? hide. So if that scenario happened a priest and even the Pope may not be a virgin. Pope Francis will not take part in a traditional Dec. 8 public event in central Rome. Is the Pope a virgin? In our time: Does the Pope have to be a virgin? Any sins that he may have committed in his life are between him and God, just like any of YOUR sins should remain between you and God. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. First you would have to define what sex is. report. You can sign in to vote the answer. 1.5K views For example, is having oral sex with little alter boys really having sex. The OP asks if the Pope is a virgin. As of the time I wrote this column it had been retweeted about 4,000 times and many of the responses were in appropriately unkind. Is the pope a virgin? comes to mind as one possible response). 7.6k. Does Fuzzface McGee have a brother named Assy. A priest need not be a virgin. Pope Francis is giving his blessing to a new Vatican think tank that is seeking to prevent the Mafia and organized crime groups from exploiting the image of the Virgin Mary for their own illicit ends. All popes have been virgins. who really gives a rats ***? lol ;)). In 1993, Pope John Paul II said that the Mafiosi should change their ways or face the wrath of God’s final judgment. 12-28-2000, 02:05 PM. I understand Peter was married and had a daughter and there have been other Popes that were not virgins, but, I wonder if in our time it is a discipline of the Church that the Pope be a virgin. The current (265th) pope is Pope Benedict XVI, who was elected April 19, 2005 in papal conclave. The question is, was he old enough before the war ended, that he would of had to participate? There is no rule that a pope must be a virgin. The Vatican’s Pontifical Marian Academy launched the think tank Friday at a conference titled “Liberating Mary from the Mafia.”